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Waldo Tejada

Creator | Director | Producer

I am a marketeer and an artist, who graduated from Cooper Union School of Art in New York. I began my career in marketing and advertising, working for more than a decade as creative director for Leo Burnett and later A + E.


I am an avid community worker interested in emerging social responsible business and cultural enterprises. I am involved in community development through cultural identity, local history and its international promotion. I have dedicated the last decade to the promotion of sustainable tourism in the Dominican Republic.


DoMo was a natural progression in which my interest in social responsible business, cultural identity, local history and sustainable tourism culminated. As Project Director and Co-Producer, I am excited to share with world the rise of a unique approach to sustainability.





"Sustainability by definition implies the preservation and maintenance of the places and key cultural identities that make a destination unique for the enjoyment of many generations of visitors... Socially responsible tourism focuses on bringing together visitors and destination in a beneficial manner to both."


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