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Michelle Polanco

Producer | Project Manager | Host

I have immersed myself in production as a creative director, producer, project manager,  host, and writer for various projects in last 4 years. I founded PureVida Media Productions in 2014, with the vision of creating empowering and uplifting content, that increases confidence, personal power and taking action.


I always dreamed of giving back to Dominican Republic. When Waldo approached me with the project, I didn't hesitate to say YES! My connection to DR and incessant thoughts about doing something to make a difference wouldn't allow me to say no. I couldn't believe this landed on my lap!


Growing up, I was shipped to DR every summer until I went to college and I LOVED it. While at NYU, I was Vice President of Bella Quisqueya. Bella Quisqueya is a club at NYU that I helped organize and sustain. The club focuses on the diverse Dominican cultural dynamics and its modern influences from a Dominican-American perspective. For me, nothing compares to the serenity, the feeling of home and the aliveness that I feel when I land in DR, even after my travels throughout Europe and Egypt.


As Project Manager and Co Producer, I organize and implement the various moving parts of the show. I am also honored to host the show and connect with amazing individuals. With DoMo, I want to inspire others to take a real look at our culture. I want to transcend the perception of who Dominicans are and what Dominicans can do.


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