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An Informal Introduction, the Editor

Adventure! Excitement! Mutiny!


A pint sized revolutionary was I, wrongfully captive to the authorities that kept me constantly guarded. Still, I had an enduring spirit. However much the limits of the property boundaries, it had no limitations to the boundaries of my might. I knew I could rule the world and that is precisely what I sought out to do today!


Inch by inch, my escape was near. I could see it just over the ledge. It was a leisurely progression away from the authorities that held me at bay. Suspiciously eyed by the one they call “abuela”, I froze mid step to innocently collect a leaf near my foot successfully deceiving her.


Here at last came my chance! As she resumed her strict ruling elsewhere, I made a break for it.




Dodging obstacles, lions, tigers and bears, and the perilous pebbles poking my bare feet, didn't matter to me as the warm tropical breeze that blew carried my little legs all the way!


Finally, seconds post exodus, I had arrived at my destination. The little bodega just across the way, where my friend Jenny awaited. Comfort quickly set in and I assumed too quickly that my getaway had gone unnoticed.




I have been spotted! The clever abuela authority had been on to me all along. I devastatingly believed I had made a clean escape. There was but one choice now as she held a small leaf branch in hand... My cherubic cheeks plumped up into a sneaky smile. I’m only four years old after all, how much trouble could I possibly get into?




Decades have passed since my rebellious days as a tiny tot in the countryside of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I think back to the simplicity of those days and gratefully reflect on all that I have accomplished since then and because of my tropical experience. I hold a unique appreciation for the disparities in the culture that gave birth to me, to the one I have grown to be part of in America.


Nevertheless, that adventurous spirit continues to persist. I have never stopped challenging confines and attempting to take over the world. Well at least to witness, study, and feel as much of it as I can ;)


Through these writings may you too be able to get to see, learn, and feel something new.


Ana P. Montes



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