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The Washington Heights Community Conservatory of Fine Arts

Aside from celebrating foundations in the Dominican Republic, we also want to celebrate foundations and associations in New York City that are truly making a difference in the community. The Washington Heights Community Conservatory of Fine Arts is dedicated to providing a 6 year study plan for music, in which classical music education and private lessons are offered free of charge. Studies have proven the added benefits of music on academic performance and WHCCFA has taken action on the matter taking into account the need for art and music in the communities they are serving, Washington Heights, Inwood and Harlem. WHCCFA was created by the Association of Dominican Classical Artists.


Our mission is to enrich the lives of children in Washington Heights, Inwood and Harlem; communities that have been historically underserved in the areas of music and art instruction. The conservatory offers an inclusive culturally sensitive environment founded on the belief that instruction in the arts strengthen academic performance and transform the lives of children regardless of socioeconomic background.


Our main goal is to offer children with an artistic inclination the opportunity to develop their talent and pursue an artistic career in the conservatory or in fine arts. Working parallel to their school career, our students follow a rigorous 6 year curriculum to develop the necessary tools to present a musical or theatrical audition or prepare a visual arts portfolio to pursue an artistic career after high school.


The Washington Heights Community Conservatory of Fine Arts achieves its mission through high quality bilingual instruction (Spanish and English) in a safe environment that is sensitive to the backgrounds of students and their families. Our project seeks to become a jewel of community interaction in Washington Heights, Inwood and Harlem by partnering with neighborhood educational and cultural institutions to foster the artistic community as well as to expand music and art education in Northern Manhattan


In addition to private lessons, WHCCFA also offers Music Theory classes as part of the curriculum. Students are divided into small groups of 8-10 to provide a fruitful learning environment. Students receive one on one individual instruction -one student per teacher- providing the opportunity for concentrated work and individual attention. Individual lessons promote skills, growth and enthusiasm, and are for all students who wish to move along the pathway to musical excellence at WHCCFA. Individual lessons are offered in 30-minute, 45 minute, and 60-minute increments.


The WHCCFA is dedicated to nurturing the creativity of all students of the community whether beginners, in music or the arts, or aspiring professionals. Our teachers are extraordinary artists and skilled educators committed to helping each student achieve and grow. One of the ways we build a strong community at the WHCCFA is by encouraging students to make music together.


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